Health and Safety Precautions for Weddings

Love in the time of COVID

As your officiant, I want you to have a long, healthy, and happy marriage. So, my meetings with you are likely to be via videoconferencing instead of in-person. My officiating will be with me wearing a face mask. You, of course, as a couple who will seal your marriage with a kiss, do not need to be masked. I’d appreciate it if your guests would wear masks, or would maintain appropriate physical distance.

For guests who are not able to attend the wedding, consider live streaming the ceremony or inviting guests via Zoom or other method. We could send readings to several of your guests ahead of time and include them in the ceremoy.

Over the past year, couples have found creative ways to maintain the health and safety of their relatives and friends while also adding some creative touches to the wedding. A smaller guest list that was initially planned means that you will be surrounded by those you love. You might decide to hire a musician, rent a tent or upscale outdoor furniture, or even upscale port-a-potties for your smaller reception. You might choose to get personalized facemasks for your guests. Or, send favors ahead of time to those who cannot attend the wedding. You could create a playlist of your favorite songs for everyone.

Whether you choose to have a mini-mony (just you and a few guests), a micro-wedding (20 or so guests), or a small wedding now and a sequel wedding later, keeping the health and safety of your loved ones at the top of your priority list shows that you love and respect them.

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