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A Guide for Brides (and Grooms): How to obtain a NJ Marriage License

Each State’s marriage license laws are different, so it is important to check with the State in which you will be married to determine how to apply for a marriage license.

Here is the information about Applying for a Marriage License in New Jersey


If either of you live in New Jersey and will be getting married in New Jersey, go to the Local Registrar in the municipality where you live. You can use the license in any county in New Jersey.

If neither of you live in New Jersey but will be getting married there, you will need to go to the Registrar in the municipality where the marriage ceremony will be performed. The license will only be valid in that municipality.

You will need to have a witness with you who is over 18 years of age.  In addition, there is a set of required documents, and a fee, to obtain the license.

You must apply for the license at least 72 hours before your wedding date. The license is good for 6 months from the issue date.